Radnor Township to announce layoffs as part of reorganization

Robert A. Zienkowski, Radnor Township manager, announced prior to Friday morning’s commissioners’ bus tour of the township that municipal layoffs will take effect next week. Details of the layoffs were not posted in the Radnor Township agenda posted Friday afternoon on the township’s Web site.

Zienkowski said Friday morning that on Monday the township administration would introduce a new reorganizational chart to the commissioners that he hoped would be adopted. Part of that is cutting staff. With the union contracts ratified, there are three layoffs. “We have been meeting with the staff over the past few days so they are fully aware what’s coming,” he said.

When reached Friday afternoon, Radnor Ward 5 Commissioner John Nagle said that Zienkowski and the staff have been working on the reorganization for about six month. “During Monday’s executive session, we’ll look at it and hopefully approve it at the meeting.

“The whole reorganization is being done from the prospective of assuring that the government is efficient,” said Nagle. “It’s not being done as a way to save money. That is not the driving force.”

Nagle explained that the intent is to avoid duplication of services, to streamline the bureaucratic process. “We’re going to sit back and see how this works,” said Nagle when asked if there might be any future hirings.

“Any time you have to lay one person off, it hurts, “ said Nagle. Ultimately, he added, “We want to let the taxpayers know we’re spending their money appropriately.”


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