Product featurette: Give Water, Eco-friendly philanthropy

Give Water

What is Give’s mission?

Give’s mission is to make it possible that every consumer can also be a philanthropist. The water comes packaged in bottles with different colors, each benefitting a different cause: Give Hope–pink for women with breast cancer, Give Love–green for environmental protection, Give Life–blue for children in need, and Give Strength–orange for the fight against muscular disorders. Give Water works with local charities in each market to benefit these causes. For every bottle sold, ten cents is donated to a local charity benefitting the any one of the four causes just described. Give Energy, an organic energy drink line, also benefits a special cause. Each time you buy a Give Energy product, ten cents is donated to a sustainable energy initiative (such as: solar, wind and bioenergy).

How does Give donate?

Give is both a for-profit and non-profit company. Give is registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit as “The Give Foundation”; they donate directly to non-profits based on their for-profit sales of the Give products.

What is Give’s story?

Give is a bottled water with a mission. Founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 2007 by a then-high school senior (my dear cousin Ben), Give engages the consumer by making their purchase one that benefits others. Ben is local to the Philadelphia area for most of the year; he attends Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and is simultaneously, wholly dedicated to his fine work at Give Water and his parent company, PurBlu brands. Only 22 years old, Ben is an inspiration to young activists and entrepreneurs alike. He likes to be called a “philanthropreneur”.

What makes Give Eco-friendly?

Give’s water bottles are unlike most other bottled waters; they are entirely biodegradable! They use the first and only oxo-biodegradable bottle in North America; it is 100% recyclable and returns to the Earth within 10 years. Give also prides itself on its small carbon footprint in its production. Instead of having one main center of production, Give is bottled regionally at “hubs” and delivered to stores within a day’s drive in the regional area.

Give Water, Give Energy and Tonic Health Shots are available in the Philadelphia area.

Where can you find Give products on the Mainline?

  • Foodsource (Bryn Mawr)
  • Saxby’s Coffee (Ardmore)
  • Saxby’s Coffee (Haverford)
  • Saxby’s Coffee (Wayne)
  • Whole Foods (Wynnewood)
Give Energy
Tonic Health Shots