Local Food Writer, Madame Fromage, Relaunches Blog

Visit the blog, Madame Fromage, at http://www.madamefromageblog.com.

Today, local food blogger Madame Fromage (aka Tenaya Darlington) launched a new version of her well-known cheese blog (old site).

Darlington sees Madame Fromage as a mecca for cheese–in education, entertainment and advocacy. Her blog has a plate full of new features, including a recipe section, go-to cheese resources and events. A truly interactive experience that doesn’t leave you craving for more (the marriage of design and content is just right)–unless we’re talking about cheese and in that case I can hear my stomach’s yearn for some L’Amuse Gouda as I’m typing this.

You can see more of her food writings at Grid Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Culture Magazine and the Di Bruno Bros. Blog. For more information about the Madame herself, check out her blog’s beautiful new home.