Dine-Out: Sweetgreen


Sweetgreen Exterior @ Ardmore

Cuisine: Salad/Soup/Yogurt
Price: $$
Location: Ardmore

Located in Ardmore (with its other location in Center City near UPenn), Sweetgreen is a restaurant chain that is based out of Washington, DC. Started by three eco-minded Georgetown students, Sweetgreen aims to be a restaurant that provides ingredients from farms nearby that are local and organic, keep a gentle footprint, create meaningful relationships in the community and share their overall message with society.

Every aspect of Sweetgreen is Eco-friendly. From the design of each of their locations’ buildings, energy initiatives, ingredients and packaging and waste, Sweetgreen strives to leave a small carbon footprint. For more details about Sweetgreen’s initiatives, see their Sustainability page.

Sweetgreen’s philosophy is simple: “You are what you eat.” And surprisingly, the price of dining responsibly is very affordable. Most people I know eat half of their salad for lunch and the other half for dinner, as it’s so large. An iced-lemonade and a make-your-own salad only cost me about $12; you really get your money’s worth when dining at Sweetgreen!

There are a bunch of salads on the menu, but you can also choose to make your own. If you do choose to customize your salad, you get your choice of lettuce (mesclun, romaine, spinach, arugula), a wide variety of veggies, cheese, protein and a “crunch” (like croutons or my favorite parmesan crunch). Sweetgreen also offers seasonal soups and fresh Stonyfield yogurt with toppings (available in small and large sizes, $4 & $6).

Sweetgreen’s décor is very simple and clean; it’s very representative of the brand’s Eco-friendly and energy efficient mission. They not only reflect this in their restaurant décor, but also in the events that they host to their communities. Recently, Sweetgreen sponsored their first-ever music festival, Sweetlife in Maryland in early May. They had incredibly successful artists like The Strokes and Girl Talk headline their festival.

Sweetgreen attracts all sorts of audiences because of its local and organic food, outreach to the community and Eco-friendly mission. I haven’t had a bad experience as of yet; I highly recommend Sweetgreen to my readers!

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