Dine-Out (of State): Michael Mina at The Bellagio, Las Vegas

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Okay, so I truly can’t resist. I have to post about the exceptional, award-winning cuisine served here in Sin City!

Last evening, I traversed up the strip to the Bellagio and enjoyed the culinary treats of Chef Michael Mina at his namesake restaurant. Home to contemporary American cuisine using completely seasonal ingredients, Michael Mina is located both in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

I began the evening with an heirloom beet salad with sylvetta and champagne vinaigrette, served with a small side of burrata cheese, lightly flavored with ground pepper. Tiny yellow and red beet wedges lined a red carpet of thinly sliced beets, a beautiful presentation. The vinaigrette was carefully drizzled over the beets–not overpowering or underdressed. The burrata tamed the radical flavor of the beets and vinaigrette and was an integral addition to the dish. A great way to start the meal.

Perhaps one of the most well-known Mina dishes, I ordered the Lobster Pot Pie* as my evening’s centerpiece. Plated in front of your table, the Lobster Pot Pie is both delectable and rich in flavor. Right in front of your eyes, they remove the crust of the pot pie and place it in the center of your plate as if it were a picnic blanket for your lobster. The whole lobster is assembled–anatomically correct, of course–and the accompanying mushrooms, onions, carrots and potatoes get very cozy with the lobster, filling up all of the empty space on the plate. Filled with truffle-lobster cream, the pot pie is incredibly delicious but also seriously rich. I almost wish I hadn’t begun with the salad. If you’re craving this dish, I recommend just going straight in for the big “sha-bang”; I couldn’t finish it at the table.

This wasn’t my first time to the restaurant, having dined at Michael Mina last year during the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show. My order was a bit different, however–I tried the table-side carved foie gras (delicious!) and highlighted the evening with the American Kobe ribeye. The majority of dishes at Michael Mina are very rich in flavor; the pinnacle of haute cuisine.

See photos and check out the Michael Mina Las Vegas A la Carte menu for more information. Stay tuned for more Vegas food updates and check back in a few weeks whenever regular Main Line content begins again.

*I stumbled upon Mina’s recipe for his Lobster Pot Pie at Vegas Deluxe. Try to make it at home!