Cool Off with Yapple Yogurt in Wynnewood

Yapple Yogurt in Wynnewood

Cuisine: Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies, Tea, etc.
Price: $-$$
Location: Wynnewood

Located just off of E. Wynnewood Road, in the Wynnewood Shopping Center is Yapple Yogurt, a frozen yogurt paradise, one could say. Yapple Yogurt’s first location is here on the Mainline, but has two locations opening soon in Levittown, PA and in Brick Township, New Jersey.

How is Yapple a frozen yogurt paradise?

Yapple houses over ten choices of yogurt flavors at their Wynnewood location. Everything from Original (Tart yogurt) to Peanut Butter, Chocolate Sorbet, Taro, sugar-free Raspberry, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream to Birthday Cake! Most of these flavors are all fat-free except for a few which are just low in fat. All yogurt flavors are gluten-free except for Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake.  Yapple also provides a diabetic-friendly option with their sugar-free Raspberry, which is flavored with Splenda sweetener.

Once you choose your flavor (or flavors, if you prefer to mix), you’re off to the most exciting part of frozen yogurt shops—choosing your toppings! Yapple has a significantly large topping bar which houses a variety of options. You have your choice of anything from fruit to gummi-worms.  Pile up as much as you like and have no fear because the price is 0.49 cents per ounce. It is remarkably cheap for frozen yogurt shops, which are infamously known to be expensive.

Yapple also offers imported Japanese hot tea, bubble-tea and smoothies as alternatives for yogurt, in case you’re not craving a frozen dessert.

One thing you notice when you’re at Yapple is that there are tons of children with their families—TONS! It seems to make sense, because the décor of Yapple is very welcoming to children. It has a very futuristic feel (with a ceiling that changes colors and egg-like chairs) but not without cute, colorful depictions of Yapple Yogurt creatures on the wall in a cartoon-style landscape. The one downside of grabbing a frozen yogurt treat at Yapple when it is busy are the acoustics. I could barely hear my family over the loud screams of children and parents carrying on conversations with their friends and family. It was almost unbearable to eat inside, and the outside seating option was a better choice (except that the humidity was excruciating!).

Despite how noisy Yapple can get, the yogurt that I had just hit the spot—it was tart enough for my taste, but also was very flavorful. I had made a 15-ounce (boy, I was hungry…) Original and Taro mix with freshly sliced mangoes and blueberries. I wouldn’t call myself a yogurt shop connoisseur, but this was the best frozen yogurt I have had so far. Not even Pinkberry can top this. I’m glad to see that a local business can bring an even more satisfying experience than what I have experienced—especially for the price.

According to Yapple, “A Yapple a day keeps the doctor away.” Try it for yourself! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Sit outside for the full effect of the frozen treat on a hot summer’s day.

Hint to my readers: If you’re a FourSquare user, check in to Yapple Yogurt and save 20% off of your first yogurt purchase!

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