Tredyffrin presents citations to Radnor first responders

The Tredyffrin Township. Board of Supervisors welcomed a company of first responders from Radnor to its meeting on Monday night. The supervisors presented a Distinguished Unit Citation, Commendations of Heroism and Life Saving Commendations to first responders who assisted in the water rescue of 12-year-old Tredyffrin resident, Logan Schweiter on July 25.

Schweiter nearly lost his life in a drowning incident during a sudden and violent rainstorm that had struck the Wayne area.

Commendations of Heroism “for outstanding courage without regard to their personal safety, which resulted in saving the life of Logan Schweiter” were presented to to firefighter/EMT Eric Chobert and firefighter/EMT Phil Walker.

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Chobert had jumped into the creek followed by Walker, and, with Chobert grabbing the unconscious boy, he and Walker were able to pass the boy to safety.

Life Saving Commendations of Merit for “performance of an outstanding act which resulted in saving the life of Logan Schweiter” were presented to firefighter/EMT Greg Lattanzi, firefighter Bob Bruno and firefighter Kevin Wood.

Chobert and Walker had passed Schweiter to Bruno and other firefighters standing next to the creek. Woods had assisted Chobert out of the stream. Lattanzi started chest compressions while Walker started rescue breathing for the boy.

The Distinguished Unit Citation for “outstanding team work which resulted in saving the life of Logan Schweiter” was presented to Chobert, Walker, Lattanzi, Bruno, Wood, paramedic Dave Roderick, firefighter/EMT Andrew Packer, firefighter John Staats, EMT Erin Mack, assistant chief Doug Felske, EMT Abigail Helms, Capt. Ryan Maguire, Lt. Steve Nick, firefighter Andrew Ventura, firefighter Vince DiFilippo, paramedic Doug Fuller, Adam Boise, deputy chief Joe Maguire and paramedic Rick Reynolds.

Radnor commissioner John Nagle and Radnor fire chief Jim Kelly also attended the ceremony as did Martin Schweiter, Logan’s father, who spoke briefly about the “pride and confidence” of the crew members who had rescued his son and also of them as “volunteers” who were able “to serve” in his son’s behalf on July 25.

Logan Schweiter remains in Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.

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