Easttown Fourth

The Easttown Township Parks Recreation Board with sponsor Penn Liberty Bank is holding its eighth annual Fourth of July Bike Parade Picnic with all trimmings, events and fan fair as the last seven years, but more.

Easttown has consolidated all local bike parades into one large Bike Parade in downtown Berwyn, with a free picnic afterwards. This year it will begin and end at Frank Johnson Park in Berwyn.

Last year 280 children rode in the parade with 400 adults attending. The Berwyn Fire Company leads the parade with the Berwyn ambulance and Easttown police. For 2011 there will be a vintage (circa 1956) “Good Humor” truck as part of the parade with free ice cream for all the children. The parade travels through downtown Berwyn.

The picnic has normal picnic food and beverage, along with a moonbounce, games, face-painting, food-eating contests, a water-balloon toss, watermelon seed-spitting contests and street art. Children attending receive patriotic gifts package compliments of Penn Liberty Bank. The Berwyn Fire Company closes the day with a cannon shot of water to cool things down. The kids love it.

Nine trophies will be awarded by the Berwyn Veterans’ Memorial Committee and the board for the children with the most patriotic, most creative and “most funniest” bicycles. Registration begins at 10:15 a.m. sharp at Johnson Park on Bridge Street. The parade begins at 11a.m. The picnic will be held from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Johnson Park.

The Parks Recreation Board, Penn Liberty Bank and the Berwyn Veterans Memorial Committee all help out with the parade and picnic. The board consists of Tom Toscani, chairman, Kathy Stead, Joan Stilwell, Ted Babiy, Paul Banks, Lisa Fox and Doug Swope, with local volunteers including Bill Bellew, Jack Ansley, Ed Antoian, Sherry and Dave Varrelman, Mary Shultz and Howard Fritz. More volunteers can make this day a bigger success than past years. If you have any questions, please call Tom at 610-647-4901 or 215-840-0294 or speak to any board member. Donations are welcomed and are tax-deductible. A grand time is guaranteed for all attending.

Note: Candidates for political office are asked not to campaign at this event, which is solely for the children and community to celebrate the Fourth of July.

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