BREAKING: Inquirer CEO Tierney Got Bonus Before Bankruptcy

Though the company teetered on the verge of bankruptcy at the time, this past December Philadelphia Media Holdings awarded bonuses to CEO Brian P. Tierney, vice president of finance Richard Thayer and Daily News publisher Mark Frisby. PMH board chair Bruce Toll confirmed bonuses of $350,000 for Tierney and $150,000 each for Thayer and Frisby […]

The Story Behind the Philadelphia Inquirer Bankruptcy

Philebrity broke the news late last night with the full text of a Newspaper Guild memo to its members, and the Inquirer confirmed it this morning with an A1 story: “Inquirer Owner Files for Bankruptcy.” For an in-depth look at what brought Brian Tierney’s Philadelphia Media Holdings group to this drastic step after fewer than […]

The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Final Frazzled Days

All big-city newspapers have been hurt by the rise of the Internet, declining ad sales, and an economy gone south. But the brain trust at the Inquirer and Daily News has a deeper problem: They think we still need their papers to find out what’s going on BY STEVE VOLK IN THE HEADY early days […]